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Custom QR Codes.

QR Codes

Quick Response codes (QR Codes) are small square barcodes similar to those used by retailers to price products at the point of sale. QR Codes link to a website when scanned from a mobile device. The barcode is linked to digital content on the web, used to access email, display a coupon, or place a phone call.

QR Codes can hold and share large amounts of data. Custom QR Codes are often seen on billboards, business cards, menus, t-shirts, in magazines, etc. The goal is to give consumers immediate access to relevant information.

D3Corp can create QR Codes that match your marketing goals and current platforms. QR Codes can be created to match or feature your logo, color scheme, or personalized design. To have a customized QR Code created, call D3Corp at 410-213-2400 or email Support@D3corp.com.

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